Using Microsoft Power BI Q&A to ask about a specific field in a column

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Microsoft Modern Excel and Power BI user Group.  We were talking about Q&A and discovered, together, a method of asking about data based on the value of a specific column.  While using the Q&A feature of Microsoft Power BI, I have done things like “Show me the revenue where the state is MN” but I had asked in this method.  We were looking at revenue by Customer Age when someone wanted to know if I could call on a range of ages.  The answer is yes, and here are the results.  Also, check this group out, they are super cool!

Nashville Modern Excel & Power BI User Group

Nashville, TN
1,461 Excel Users

Welcome to the Nashville Modern Excel & Power BI User Group!We are here to help Nashville’s Excel Users be successful in the age of data.  We meet once a month and the lunch …

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Using DAX with Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Power BI

Tiny Tips

OK, I have this table visual in my Microsoft Power BI Report and I want to highlight a row if a column value is “Yes” but do nothing to the background if the value is “No”.  In this Tiny Tip video, I will show you how to achieve this very thing.

Today’s DAX Expression:

Hold Background Color =
VAR _HoldColor = SELECTEDVALUE(Customers[Hold])
IF(_HoldColor = “Yes”, “#A0D1FF”)



Changing Interactions between visuals in Microsoft Power BI

Tiny TipsThe ability of visuals to interact with each other in Microsoft Power BI is probably one of the most powerful tools for letting your data talk to you, rather than reading the data.  However, sometimes you might need or want to control how the interactions work.  In this Tiny Tip, I will show you how to make changes to your report so interactions filter rather than highlight, or simply just not change a visual at all.