Show Value for the Last Date in Microsoft Power BI

Another Tiny Tip!

Recently I was asked how to only show the data for the last date in a Microsoft Power BI dataset.  I immediately said “DAX”, but ended up with some complexity that was not necessary.  After some rounds with DAX and M, my “aha” moment occurred.  Actually, it was more my “inner data modeler” saying “Belinda….  Get With It!”

Filters…  Filters is all that is needed.  Watch this video and see how easy it is

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Changing Interactions between visuals in Microsoft Power BI

Tiny TipsThe ability of visuals to interact with each other in Microsoft Power BI is probably one of the most powerful tools for letting your data talk to you, rather than reading the data.  However, sometimes you might need or want to control how the interactions work.  In this Tiny Tip, I will show you how to make changes to your report so interactions filter rather than highlight, or simply just not change a visual at all.