Using DAX with Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Power BI

Tiny Tips

OK, I have this table visual in my Microsoft Power BI Report and I want to highlight a row if a column value is “Yes” but do nothing to the background if the value is “No”.  In this Tiny Tip video, I will show you how to achieve this very thing.

Today’s DAX Expression:

Hold Background Color =
VAR _HoldColor = SELECTEDVALUE(Customers[Hold])
IF(_HoldColor = “Yes”, “#A0D1FF”)



Using DAX Measures that calculate by row rather than a summary, in Microsoft Power BI



In this Video, I’ll create a DAX (Data Analysis eXpression) Measure.  This measure will be used to calculate the total sales price.  Check out this video to see how to create a measure that performs “Aggregation with Iteration”; which is a fancy way of saying DAX needs to calculate the total sales price for each row, then sum it together.  Look at the two examples below and you’ll see why.

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