More Matrix (visual) formatting in Microsoft Power BI

The Microsoft Power BI Matrix visual has more features waiting to be unlocked with formatting.  In this Tiny tip, I will show you some of my preferred formatting options.  Specifically, I will show:

  • Changing the Text size
  • Changing the alignment of a column
  • Conditional formatting for a column of values
  • Changing the values to display as rows rather than columns.

The last feature can be a real space saver when you have a lot of data, and it can allow you to have a larger font for easier reading without the need to scroll.

Using Small Multiples in Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI has a cool feature in Preview, that allows you to split a single visual into multiple visuals based on a filter.  In this video, I take Sales by Customer Class (Group/Category), create small multiples based on the class, and make the axis a class for Items sold. This feature works on several of the “out of the box” visuals.  In the attached video, I will use a clustered column chart and a line and clustered column chart.

I love using this feature when the visual (using the small multiples) is the only visual on the page, taking the entire page. 

I will also show you some formatting options for small multiples as well.

Super cool feature Microsoft!

Matrix (visual) totals and subtotals in Microsoft Power BI

In this Tiny Tip, Belinda will uncover the secrets on getting only the (sub)totals that you want to see, using the Microsoft Power BI Matrix visual.

The most important thing to note is that the Grand Total is a Sub-total.  This means if you turn off the Sub-Totals, the grand totals disappear as well.

The Grand Totals will only always stay visible on the visual if you have the Stepped layout on; but if you turn the Stepped layout off, you can alter the labels for the totals.