Using an Inserted Shape as a Navigation option in Microsoft Power BI

In this Tiny Tip, Belinda will show you how to use a new feature to do something cool, using Microsoft Power BI.

In this report, there is a page that is Sales by category, with a slicer that displays countries.  There is a similar page, that displays a table with sales line details.  The slicer on the detail page is sync’d with the first page.

Belinda will Insert > Shape, selecting a triangle.  The April 2021 update has many more shape options.  Another great option for this example, opposed to the Triangle, would have been right arrow or the chevron.

Belinda will format the triangle and add an Action to the shape, on the Format shape pane.  The action assigned will be Page Navigation, then select the detailed page. 

Now, with a simple click in the web service (or a Ctrl+click in the desktop), users can easily navigate from one page to the next.