I love Microsoft Power BI

I Love Business Intelligence (BI)!  I always have.  Below is a picture from a 90’s at a “Table Top Expo” for the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce.  Yes, that’s a skinny young Belinda.

 I heard a comedian once talk about when pictures where developed we would run to the car and open the envelope and look at all the pictures.  We woman would look at pictures of ourselves and say “look how fat I look”.  The picture would get filed away for years, at which point we pull it out again and say “look how thin I was.”  This statement could not be truer!

Belinda Allen, Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP shares tips and information on Microsoft Power BI.

Anyway, look at the small screen on that gigantic monitor.  There is a dashboard on it.  Yes, I was dashboarding before dashboarding was cool.  OK, I called them graphs at the time but the concept was the same:  “Look at something that can help you understand what’s going on in your business faster, so you can react faster.”

As I look at all of these amazing tools today I realize the 90’s Belinda would have literally been jumping with joy.  To tell the truth I’m not sure what element I love the best:  Accessing data easily, ability to easily clean data or creating amazing visualizations.



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